Sunday, May 26, 2019
Volunteer Board

OLG Youth Athletics consists of Volunteer Board of Directors, that are committed to the mission of enriching the lives of children through sports spiritually.

Executive Members
 Name Position  Phone Number  Email
Rudy Cervera Jr President (210) 325-9157
Carlos Favela Vice President    
Mary Sauceda Registrar (210) 393-5533
Cline White Athletic Director    
Stephen Garza Treasurer    
Gladys Chacon Secretary    
Andromeda Restrepo Minister    
General Members
Amy Flores
Andrea Reed
Claudia Montanez
Cynthia Ortiz
Eddie Sauceda
John Castaneda
Jorge Castro
Sandra Albright
Kristin Estrada
Luis Lopez
Morgan Starling
Nick Carnevale
Rick Maldonado
Rowland Chavez
Sal Sosa
Scott Turner
Vanessa Caballero